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20 Feb. 2014
Comcast & Time Warner Cable merger--Really?

Comcast & Time Warner Cable merger, take some action

From Amy Goodman's article

“This is the whole shooting match,” he said. “It’s broadband. It’s broadcast. It’s content. It’s distribution. It’s the medium and the message."

Michael Copps, commissioner of the FCC from 2001-2011

5 Feb. 2014
Winter on the Beach

The flock of birds were my only companions

The flock of birds were my only companions, a sense of nostalgia and beauty all around me...ahh...winter walks on the beach...

25 Jan. 2014
Edison Electrocuted Topsy the Elephant

Animals again are the losers in business competition

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During a flight, watched the documentary "An Apology to Elephants," where I learned a disturbing thing about Thomas Edison--in 1903 he publicly electrocuted an elephant, as well as other animals, to show the dangers of the alternating current, which was the competition to his direct current.

He filmed the killing of Topsy the elephant (a Coney island circus elephant who killed a trainer who had been torturing her--including burning her trunk with a lit cigar), and released it as a film called "Electrocuting an Elephant."

05 Jan. 2014
New Year, New Site, New Blog-Welcome darlings!

Welcome to the new page

As a little girl, every year for my birthday my sweet Aunt Marie bought me a diary. As I grew, the diaries became journals, but the unfortunate pattern of my writing in them didn't: the beginning of year was full of entries that dropped off to the far too sporadic scribble. So....I'm not going to do the same with this blog! Wish me luck with that one.